21 November 2010

Gotta miss my Royal Family & supporters that have walk with Royal all this while

Today is a happy & sad day. I will be leaving my house for the airport to Phuket in less than 2 hours time.

Why happy? Cos i will be going there to take my wedding shots as well as my holidays. Not sure whether i will really enjoy this trip as there are too many things in my mind right now.

Why sad? Cos ever since i joined Royal, i enjoy every single day of my life in laughter, jokes (maybe all lame jokes) everyday.

Haha just saw in FB that joseph will be coming back to Singapore at 11.35pm. Sorry that i couldn't be there at the airport, hahaha.

Before i end my blog post!

To William: You have been a great partner. Not even a thousand words is enough to thank you. It is really fate plus a bit of luck that i got the chance to join RIG. I really learn a lot of things from you. Thanks for listening to all my troubles when i am down & all the advise and trust in me! Hope we will continue to work hand in hand together with Jian Zhong & make all the impossible became possible.

To Jian Zhong: Though i have not known you for long. It has been great working with you & hope i dun miss a lot of things when i am away.

To Elson: I have always been proud of you. Hope to hear more good news from you when i am back. Jiayou & continue to shine in RIG.

To Joseph: Welcome back. Thanks for everything all this while. You have really bought much laughter to us all this while. Continue to work hard for RIG & i got confidence that you can do it.

To Yi Ting: Thanks for staying by RIG. Continue to work hard for RIG & prove to everyone that you can make it.

To RIG Performing Group: Thanks for staying by Royal. All of you have been fantantic. Look forward to Celin showcase on Sunday.

To all the fans & supporter of Royal/ Elson,

Thanks for always supporting Royal/Elson event. Especially to Elson Soh Fanclub, continue to promote Elson & make him known to everyone.

Time to say good bye! see all of you on 28 November when i am back!

02 November 2010

MEGAMIND movie premier

Great start of the month of November. Thanks to OMY.sg for inviting me, Jianzhong & my artistes to the movie preview for MEGAMIND yesterday.
Bloggers are told to dress in different character costume to come for this movie preview. This of course applied to three of my artistes Elson, Shanice & Joseph who dressed up as the character L, Misa & Light respectively. Evon, Summer & Shing Hoong came with us as well.
I really enjoy the movie as the storyline were really interesting & several parts makes me laugh.

Lastly, share with you some pictures taken on that day.

31 October 2010

Good apples, Bad apples !

This weekend pass so quickly but i manage to get some rest before the month of November. Look forward to Elson's album to be released in November cos i still believe that Heaven will help ppl who are kind hearted & hard working.

Something happen over these few days which make me kind of sad intially but not anymore. I told myself that most of the times, ppl like to wear a mask so that ppl around them won't know what they are thinking. It is kind of scarely as ppl may appear to be kind & innocent in front of you but they will eventually show their wolf character after that. Luckily is that 邪不能胜正 & we have not really done anything major for this person, or else it will be such a waste of time & effort.

In any industry, there bound to be bad apples among the good apples. Glad that we have manage to get rid of all the bad ones as we do not want to affect the good ones. Let all the bad apples get together & rot together. As for the good apples, i hope you will be able to open your eyes widely & see for yourselves. Once you mix with the bad ones, no one can save u.

Good luck to those bad apples out there.

27 October 2010

To Go or to Stay On......

This morning, i received an email from William to inform me of Faith leaving Royal International Group. Actually to me, high turnover in the media industry is very common in Singapore.

As a Artiste manager, i sign in new potential talents with the intention of unleasing their potential. There is no lack of talents in Singapore but some of them are just lack of the luck to meet the right manager to guide them & to groom them further.

Recently, a question come to my mind. For talents that tell me that they like singing & wants to join us as talents or artiste, is it purely just interest or they really want to pursue singing. For people who join becos of interest, they might be very committed intially but when they lost interest, they will leave.

To all Artistes & performing group under us

If you join purely based on trying out or based on interest only, please consider carefully whether this is the route you really want to take. If you decided to continue with us, please work hard & prove to us that you are worth us grooming further.

There is no lack of talents in Singapore. The company will not lose out becos of anyone leaving but the person themselves will be at the losing end. Even if we have to give up the whole forest for one tree.

Jiayou to all Royal Artistes, performing Group & talents.

17 October 2010

From Good Guy to Bad Guy !!

Just finish with 三个女人 . 一个超级市场 SuperMarket 音乐会 today from 3-5pm. I can said that i am actually quite disappointed with the outcome & actually glad that my partner William wasn't there for the showcase today. Reached there at about 2pm for the rehearsal.

Shanice, Faith & jessica were taking their turns to rehearse on their parts. The whole place was so empty. Other then ppl from our royal family, Evon, sillykid, Joanne & Peter were there to support the event. After a while, Faith friends came to support her for the event. The whole event starts at around 3pm.

The opening was not very well done as there wasn't any introduction at all to the audiences. After welcoming everyone to the showcase, they start talking among themselves explaining the reason behind the event name. No proper interaction with the audiences. There is no proper arranging of songs list as well. Songs were not arranged in the right order and it shows people that they are not prepared for the showcase.

Some small details was not pay attention to & the event finish even before 5pm. After which, i have a debrief with all of them, pointing out all the things that i have noticed today. They don't even bother to pay attention to what i have said & i have to constantly "remind " them that i am giving a briefing right now.

I tink the management have done a lot & given all of you enough chances & opportunities so please treasure what you have now. I dun tink we need to remind you that you have to update us on rehearsal dates & to practise enough so that you are always ready for any challenges.

I may be quiet & friendly to everyone at times but as management, i do monitor each of your performances. All of you give me the impression of following time-table & performing for the sake of performing. Please wake up & put in more effort to show us your improvement.

I can be a good guy as well as a bad guy. All of you can hate me if you want. I just feel that it is time for me to speak up & let everyone knows how i feel. Time will prove and show everything. The strongest and good ones will survive.

I specially like this sentence from William blog. "Nevertheless, this entertainment industry is always about mind game, whoever control the game in certain project, will always be the winner. So as a follower (Actor/Singer) in the game, do make sure you follow the right mind master. Otherwise you will be wasting time again."

23 September 2010

ToyWatch Star Gazers Nite

Last Tuesday is really a exciting day. Attended the launch of ToyWatch Singapore themed "Star Gazers Nite", at ION Orchard together with Royal Artistes namly Elson, Faith, Shanice, Joseph and Jessica, representing our online media Campus rcok & Hello FM.

Thanks Ashley & Daoyang for the invitation, not forgetting the CEO of Toywatch Mr Sandro Gibillaro, Director Ms Stella Chan, Executive Director Ms Gladys Chan, Director from Malaysia Ms Francine, Project Manager Ms Stella Lee for the warmly welcome.

Met up with several Media, personalities, celebrities etc...

- Creative Director & Founder of Jeric Salon, Jeric See

- Italian Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency Anacleto Felicani.

- Veronica Koh, Lead Development Director from Mediacorp Pte Ltd

- Jeff, DJ previouly from Love 97.2, Kae In & De Jiang, DJs from 88.3 JIA FM, Harry, DJ from Power 98. Jiahui DJ from Yes 93.3 & local singer Jones 石康鈞.

- Wang YiMing from Lian He Zao Bao, Sam Ng from You Magazine,

- Mirza from Mens Health

- Alaric Tay 和 Benjamin Heng from Fly Entertainment

- ESPN Star Sports Host, Jamie Yeo

- Pei xian, Xiao Wen & Priscilla (Star blogger)

I have really enjoy the event & once again wish Toy Watch all the best in their future endeavours.

02 September 2010

Bad Romance Friday! Party with Royal Artistes!

Today is really a happy day. Look forward to the arrival of this evening as i will be attending Bad Romance Friday" Party which will be held on 3 September 2010, from 8pm to 10pm!

Admission ticket $8.00 with one free soft-drink! Party with all the Royal Artistes on this Friday Night! Not only can you enjoy all the pop songs performed by Royal Artistes, you can also dance with them when they sing all the HOT songs! Email to admin@rig.com.sg to book your tickets now! Come SCREAM & SHOUT with us throughout the NIGHT at Swee Lee Music Cafe!